Anas penelope

Common Names: Eurasian Wigeon, Widgeon, Eurasian widgeon
Category: Birds
Sub-category: Ducks, Geese, & Swans

A dabbling duck in the wigeon family. Not as common in Connecticut as the American wigeon. This dabbling duck is 17-20 inches long with a 28-31 inch wingspan, and a weight of 1.1-2.37 lbs. The breeding male has grey flanks and back, with a black rear end and a dark green speculum and a brilliant white patch on upper wings, obvious in flight or at rest. It has a pink breast, white belly, and a chestnut head with a creamy crown. In non-breeding (eclipse) plumage, the drake looks more like the female. The female is light brown, with plumage much like a female American Wigeon. It can be distinguished from most other ducks, apart from American Wigeon, on shape. However, that species has a paler head and white axillaries on its underwing. The female can be a rufous morph with a redder head, and a gray morph with a more gray head.

Found in open wetlands, such as wet grassland or marshes with some taller vegetation.

Edible Notes: Duck meat is edible. Farm-raised domestic duck is commonly available in supermarkets in Connecticut and is a good alternative. Duck meat (domestic) is a common dish in Asian restaurants, especially Thai cuisine.
Warnings: Not known to be dangerous.