Ambystoma opacum

Common Names: Marbled Salamander
Category: Amphibians
Sub-category: Salamanders

A species of mole salamander found in the eastern United States. The Marbled Salamander is a stocky, boldly banded salamander. The bands of females tend to be gray, while those of males are more white. Adults can grow to about 11 cm, a bit small compared to other members of its genus.

Its habitat is damp woodlands, forests, and places where the dirt is soft and wet. Seasonally flooded areas are essential for breeding, but the salamanders do not normally enter the water. Like most of the Mole salamanders, it is secretive, spending most of its life under logs or in burrows. It is most frequently encountered when moving towards breeding ponds in the autumn.

Edible Notes: Not known to be edible.
Warnings: Amphibians, like reptiles, can carry Salmonella, which is a potentially deadly bacteria. It is safer for you (and the amphibian) to not touch them or anything in the area where they live, but if you do: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water immediately after touching. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.