We have put in a lot of effort over the years to provide as much content as possible for our visitors. Our over-all (endless) goal is to photograph and record all of the various species of plants, animals, fungi, etc... in Connecticut. While that's a monumental task, we have done a fairly decent job of providing information for the most common species you are likely to encounter in Connecticut. We like to keep track of how well we are doing so we have put together this page of statistics showing exactly how much we have accomplished.

Category Species Photos
Amphibians 19 117
Birds 200 1860
Fungi 154 660
Insects 192 618
Lichens 7 24
Mammals 13 133
Mosses 5 27
Plants 342 1558
Reptiles 11 108
Sea Creatures 7 20
Slime Molds 7 36
Trees 61 171
Totals 1018 5332

Locations: 74 parks, open areas, and wildlife habitats in 7 counties of CT.