Progress Update 6/28/2016

I’m going to try to make more regular progress updates, and with that, more actual progress on the website. Right now I am focused on repopulating the existing data from the old website as soon as possible. Hundreds of species and thousands of photos, it’s a lot of work. But as always, I’m working to speed-up this process as much as possible. I’ve made 2 changes that should facilitate this:

I have decided to delay adding additional species photos in favor of getting all of the species re-populated. I had originally been moving one species at a time and uploading all of the corresponding photos. For example, I had 25 photographs of cardinals, and had added all 25 photos before moving on to the next species on the list. Since species are a priority over additional photos, I’ve decided to just upload one reference photo per species for now until all of the species have been added. Then I will back-fill the additional photographs. This will allow the website to be more useful while still under development.

I’ve also started work on making the Locations pages dynamic. I still have to migrate many of the existing pages, but the idea now is that as I add a new species, it will automatically populate on all location pages where it has been spotted. So if I have photo of cardinals at Devil’s Den and Greenwich Point Park, they will automatically get added to the lists on those pages. The purpose is to build a checklist of species that can be found at each location. Making the pages dynamic also makes it easier for me to add new locations to the website on the fly.

So work is moving a long. It is accelerating. New species are being added on a regular basis (check the front page to see what new species have been added), and the weather has been nice so I’ve been exploring the outdoors again and getting new photos. So please bear with me as I bring the website back up to speed.

Thank you all,


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