Progress Update 3/17/2017: Insects category nearly done, site improvements.

The Insects category has been populated with all of the species from the former website. Additional photos have been added as well. We just need to finish cross-referencing them to locations and additional details. That should be completed within about a week or so. Once Insects is done the next, and last category to complete will be Plants. It’s the biggest category at about ~300+ species and ~1200+ photographs, so it will take some time to populate. Probably finish that about mid-summer.

We have added a few minor site enhancements:

Nearly all pages for species and locations have a REPORT PROBLEM button in the right sidebar at the top. Clicking this button will allow you to send quick feedback to help us correct species identification problems or other issues.

– Expanding Categories in Location Pages
Location pages, such as the New Canaan Nature Center page have a list of all of the species we’ve been able to photograph there. We’ve made the page a little easier to navigate by collapsing the species into categories that can be expanded by pressing the + next to the category. Makes it so you don’t have to scroll-down so much to find what you are looking for. We will eventually add more of these collapsible features to other sections of the website to help keep it in good order.

What’s Happening Outside

Well, there is a lot of snow on the ground right now and it’s covering a lot of the early spring flowers such as Crocus and winter aconite. We have more snow on the way this weekend but hopefully we will get some warm weather soon and help to melt it off before the beginning of April when we see the first ramps (wild onions) start to push out of the ground. So it’s “wait and see” for likely at least a couple weeks to know what’s happening outside.

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