Progress Update 11/30/2016: Trees are done!

The Trees category has been completed.  All photos and species available on the old website have been added.  We are now moving on to the remaining categories: Fungi, Insects, and Plants, all of which are very large categories and will take some time to fully populate.  Plants will probably be done last as some additional programming is required to integrate the “find by flower color” feature that was popular on the old website.

Looking forward, once we have finished added all of the photographs and species from the former website, we still have a few hundred new photos and new species to be added from 2014 – 2016. But with the framework mostly done, that should go pretty quick.  We also need to create a central section for foragers including wild edibles and hopefully expand that section a bit more by integrating recipes and foraging tips.  But that will likely be a late 2017 project.

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