Progress Update 11/15/2016: Mammals/Lichens are done! Frontpage redesigned

We have been working to knock-off our smaller categories including lichens, mammals, mosses, reptiles, sea creatures, and slime molds. We’ve finished mammals and lichens and are working to populate the back-log of additional photographs for mosses, reptiles, sea creatures, and slime molds, but that shouldn’t take too long as there are not too many photos.  After that is done we will move on to a bigger category, likely Trees.

Wasn’t too happy with the layout on the front page.  We added a nice graphic slider to the top of photos of Connecticut natural areas including forests, beaches, tidal marshes, fields, and mountains. We also put in a couple of paragraphs about what we do, what our mission is.  We’ve also made the “Recently Added Species” a little more compact (as a slider) and added a field for Recently Added Locations. Below that is the current news.  Finally at the bottom are the inspiration quotes.  In the future I will try to work that into a the picture slider at the top so the quotes overlay on top of the pictures.

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