Progress Update 10/26/2016: Birds is done! Contact Form added

We have finished uploading all of the bird photographs from the former website.  It was a big task we are happy to put behind us. They have all been cross-indexed with the locations pages so you can know what species have been found at each location. We will be moving on to a new category very soon. Probably finish-off some of the smaller categories such as lichens, slime molds, mammals, etc…  (We only have hundreds of those pictures as opposed to thousands). We have also added a number of new nature locations to the website. The big task ahead, which probably wont be finished until some time in 2017, is adding all of the photographs for plants, fungi, and insects, for which we have thousands of photographs and hundred of species. Doing that will probably take all of 2017. We also still need to rebuild our special section on wild edibles, 3D photographs, and articles.  But those sections should move quickly once we are ready to implement them.

We added a basic contact form to the website today.  Putting in that foundation will allow us to add the option for visitors to report on errors and incorrect identifications.

Looking outside, the weather is getting colder, we are in the middle of the fall foliage, and winter will be upon us before we know it. Since most of the foliage and fungi have disappeared, now is a good time to go bird watching.  Around this time is when we start getting our winter ducks such as the hooded merganser and ring necked ducks which are commonly found on ponds.

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