Tilley Pond Park

Access Point: 28 Lakeside Ave
Additional Information: http://www.darienct.gov/content/28027/36095/36111/36131.aspx

Tilley Pond Park covers over 8 acres of property in the center of Darien on the corner of Lakeside and West Avenues. Tilley Pond Park offers residents an outstanding opportunity for passive recreation. Tilley Pond, located in the center of the park, supports a variety of wildlife. The Pond serves as an outdoor skating facility during the winter months. A stone hut with a fireplace is located on the pond to warm residents after an afternoon of skating. Tilley Pond Park also has a wide variety of trees and several wooded areas to enhance it's natural beauty. Several benches are available throughout the park to offer an opportunity to eat lunch or take a break from walking on the paths. Tilley Pond is in an ideal location for many residents to take advantage of one of the most beautiful parks in the area.

Species Sightings

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