East Rock Park

Access Point: Farnam Drive
Additional Information: http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/parks/parksinformation/eastrockpark.asp

A 425-acre park located on the New Haven / Hamden border. East Rock was formed about 200 million years ago as the continents were in the process of moving away from each other. Molten rock from deep in the earth surged through stress cracks formed in the sandstone bedrock of the New Haven area. The molten rock cooled to form dolerite, also know as basalt or traprock. Dolerite is much more resistant to erosion than the surrounding sandstone. As glacial action and the forces of weathering eroded away the softer sandstone, East Rock (and other traprock ridges such as West Rock) became more prominent. The summit of East Rock Park now rises more than 350 feet above the floor of the Mill River valley at its base.

This is a popular recreation spot that provides amenities for bicycling, hiking, jogging, kite flying, picnicking (grills provided), sledding, and sports such as baseball, basketball, and tennis. During the spring/summer months, the road to the summit is open for vehicles.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of East Rock is the Soldiers & Sailors Monument near the summit honoring New Haven men who gave their lives in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the Civil War. Erected in 1887, this 112-foot-high tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city of New Haven. The summit also offers spectacular views of New Haven city and the coastal waterfront.

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