Devil’s Den Nature Preserve

Access Point: Near 33 Pent Road, Weston, CT
Additional Information:

Notice: Nature Conservatory has requested a reminder that foraging is not permitted at Devil's Den. You are not allowed to pick or disturb any plant, fungi, or species on the property. Hiking off-trail is not permitted. does not endorse the violation of park rules and does not endorse foraging where not permitted.

Devils Den is protected by the Nature Conservatory organization. It is the Connecticut Chapter’s largest contiguous preserve and the largest tract of protected land in densely developed Fairfield County. Its patchwork of woodlands, wetlands, rock ledges and series of north-south ridges and valleys woven with streams and swamps make the Devil’s Den ideal for passive outdoor activity such as hiking and bird watching. A wide variety of flora and fauna live on the preserve, including more than 500 types of trees and wildflowers, the beautiful pink lady’s slipper, cardinal flower, and indian pipe. Devil’s Den is home to red fox, bobcat, coyote, eastern copperhead, wood duck, ruffed grouse, pileated woodpecker and more than 140 other bird species.

Species Sightings

+ Amphibians
+ Birds
+ Fungi
+ Insects
+ Lichens
+ Mammals
+ Mosses
+ Plants
+ Reptiles
+ Slime Molds
+ Trees

Misc. Photos from Devil’s Den Nature Preserve