Bartlett Arboretum

Access Point: 151 Brookdale Road, Stamford, CT
Additional Information:

Contains 93 acres of parkland, gardens, landscapes, and hiking trails, that focus on the regional plants, ecology and character of Southwestern New England. The Arboretum is open and accessible to the public every day of the year. The Arboretum’s contains meadows, forest, woodland ponds, and red maple wetlands, which is a favorite spot for area naturalists and ecologists because it is one of the only accessible red maple swamps in the area not significantly affected by either development or non-native invasive plants.

The Arboretum started in 1913, when Dr. Francis A. Bartlett, an eminent dendrologist and founder of the F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company, acquired "30 acres more or less" of North Stamford woodland to use as his residence, training school and research laboratory for his company. Over the years, he assembled a large number of plant specimens on the property from all over the world. In 1965, when the research laboratory moved to North Carolina, the Stamford site, then covering more than 60 acres, was purchased by the State of Connecticut and designated the Connecticut State Arboretum. In 1993, the land and overall operation of the Arboretum were transferred to the University of Connecticut at Stamford. In 2001, the land was transferred to the City of Stamford and operations were transferred to the Bartlett Arboretum Association, an independent non-profit organization. The Bartlett Arboretum Association continues to operate the grounds today.

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