2017 Northeast Natural History Conference

Dear Friend of Natural History,

Since 1992, the Northeast Natural History Conference has brought together researchers in the natural history sciences from throughout northeastern North America to share the results of their work, exchange ideas, and forge new relationships.

I am writing to ask if you might like to be one of the key facilitators of next year’s conference by agreeing to organize one of the sessions. The conference will be in Cromwell, CT, 21–23 April 2017.

Each 90-minute session has four 20-minute presentations plus time for an introduction and questions. Organizers choose their session focus and have the privilege of inviting colleagues and students to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for you to help highlight recent advances in a subject that is of special interest to you, get valuable feedback, and network with others who share your interests.

Responsibilities for organizers are modest. The first step is to let us know that you would like to organize a session, then you’ll follow up with its provisional title. In addition to your reaching out to potential presenters, we will post your session title on the conference website, this allowing potential presenters to contact you directly.

For further details, visit http://www.eaglehill.us/NENHC_2017/callforsessions.shtml

NENHC is now the largest broad-spectrum regional natural-history sciences forum for researchers, faculty, students, natural-resource managers, and naturalists. Sessions may focus on any aspect of the natural-history aspects of freshwater, marine, and terrestrial habitats.

For information about the conference in general and to search our archives for examples of previous session titles: http://www.eaglehill.us/NENHC_2017/NENHC2017.shtml

Jill Weber

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